Video Documentation of Performance: Slow & Steady Wins the Pace, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2011

"We will Walk at a Slow, Quiet, Meditative Pace Through the Aisles of Art Basel Miami Beach on Saturday December 3, 2011 from noon to 8pm, the hours of the art fair. Our Pace, an endurance performance, is an intervention offering any of the attendees, from gallerist to collector to spectator, a break from the chaotic, spectacle side of the Art Market. It will allow you to get more intimate to the art itself and perhaps become Art if but for a suspended moment in time.

Please Join Us and Have Fun.

Thank you,

Diedra Krieger + Laura Mylott Manning"

- the woman who walked slowly from one corner of Rittenhouse Square to the other diagonally across the park in 2011
- Maria Chomenstowski's thesis performance at Vermont College of Fine Art "walking". Maria walked in a large circle for 20 minutes repeating the words I'm walking walking walking I'm walking, walking walking....
- Bruce Nauman "Walking in an exaggerated manner around the Perimeter of a Square"
- Man Bartlett's #BestNonBuy ... review on hyperallergic "I can't stop laughing at the tweets he keeps sending which are often punctioned with "that I will not buy." The repetition makes his tweets feel like a type of meditation."