Plastic Fantastic
Playa del Fuego
Odessa, DE

With an art grant from Playa del Fuego (PDF), Plastic Fantastic was able to purchase the materials to create the dome armature.

Pamphlet distributed at PDF and myspace blog post:

Thank you PDF, its community & organizers & especially the Arts Grant Committee. Thank you Plastic Fantastic Volunteers for commitment, ideas and motivation: Marta, Erick, Stephanie, Pete Lokken, Jordan, Amie. Nicole. John Schenk! And Damon, Kenyatta, Sarah Bully, and Jenn Rockwell! Thank you to camp 215 for keeping the momentum and spirit alive and to all their offspring from spring 07 which was the first pdf I missed in 6 years! This was also made possible because of my dad and mom for their love and support, R5 productions and its patrons of water bottles, and many citizens of philly and phillytechno who drink from plastic bottles. Thank you for Vietnam Vets motorcycle club for hosting this event. ~diedra.

Odessa, DE is located in the Appoquinimink watershed, home of the last undisturbed marsh in Delaware. Odessa was once was a grain shipping port. Tell me what you know about 1972 Federal Clean Water Act. If you live in phila, up until just over 100 years ago you could smell the Delaware river pollution at broad and chestnut. Now we drink from it. Plastic Fantastic is an immersive environment for play made of plastic bottles and everyday materials. An escape from the everyday bringing ideas of utopians to life from the materiality of the everyday. It is hoped that you will be motivated to action through Plastic Fantastic's extreme use of post-consumer materials, a considered aesthetic and engagement through interactions within the space. Through escapism there is time for reflection which allows one ...

to return to daily life renewed and with greater clarity on how to live a life that is more caring for our environment, our community, ourselves and with consideration for future generations. Favorite words: structure, repetition, convenience, consumption, accessibility, resources, yellow, blue, orange, love, harmony, safety, imagination, care, respect, shackamaxon, sustainability, action, playPLAYPLAYplay, cartwheels, reflective, transparent, temporal. What are your favorite words? And: water, mountains, rivers, creeks, fields, watermelon, WATERMELON! Eskimo. Earth moon stars everything everyday environment escape escape escape.Escape. Friday 9pm Dance party with Jordan. Saturday 11am Handstands. 5pm Watermelon. Sunday 3pm Make and plant a flower.

More events planned: fantastic fairies flying through the festival to bring you back massages and moments of bliss through sprinkles of pixie dust and glitter. Be aware of the drudgery dregs of sharp slivers of plastic also creeping around camp. They cut and stare and create discomfort. They are easily deterred by throwing water at them. You should see what happens to them then. the dome structure. from the playground and buckminster fuller, who was a dreamer and a dear friend of john cage, who was a critical inspiration to fluxus artists. cage/fluxus have been important to my artwork.