On November 13, the proposal for a new dome armature was presented at Philly Stake, a "locally sourced, recurring dinner in which money is raised for creative & relevant community engaged projects. As a micro granting program, community members become creators." Below are the details of Plastic Fantastic's proposal.

1. Plastic Fantastic serves as an organizing structure for social relations. It consists of a 16 foot, 2 tier geodesic dome covered in over 6000 post consumer water bottles. In 2011 Plastic Fantastic traveled to Salisbury University, the 1st time on a university campus in September where the university collected the 6000 water bottles and 50 students, faculty and staff and public covered the dome in bottles. Because of the amazing success at Salisbury University, Plastic Fantastic wants to go on the road to university campuses across the country. To do this we need a STAKE Grant to make a better armature.

2. A STAKE Grant would fund the making of a 20 foot, 3 tier geodesic dome made of ¾” EMT. The benefits of the new armature are: a structure 4’ larger in diameter allowing greater participation in future iterations; a more dome like form; and a much stronger, more durable armature.

3. I am a Philadelphia based artist and started Plastic Fantastic in 2007 while completing my MFA. Plastic Fantastic is a realization of 1% of my imagination, to create immersive environments for play, made from materials we so often deplore. When I returned to Philadelphia after working for Oxfam Australia in the late 90’s, I was surprised to see how prolific drinking bottled water was. Post-consumer water bottles as materials add a layer of meaning about the water crisis. I’ve improved collecting methods for the bottles and organizing ways of participation, now I want to improve the dome armature.

4. The structure of the geodesic dome is a metaphor of liberated consciousness. The geodesic dome is the materialization of imagining what the everyday could be.

Plastic Fantastic offers an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself and one directly sees the immediate results of your efforts.

Once completed, Plastic Fantastic is an immersive, illuminated environment where play is our greatest priority.

Because of the overwhelming use of materials, upon return to the everyday, the viewer leaves with questions about access to clean water issues and water bottles.

The view of what art can be is also transformed.


images below are from the Philly Stake event