Plastic Fantastic (PF) is an immersive, nomadic environment for play that features a geodesic dome made of 6,000 plastic water bottles. PF collaborated with the students at Kensington International Business High School to create the 14th iteration of PF and address issues such as plastic pollution and recycling.

The project began with a student-led recycling campaign. Students recycling efforts from January through May yielded a collection of 2,000 water bottles in preparation to populate the 16 foot diameter dome armature. The video featured was edited at KIBHS and documents some of their collection efforts at a Phillies game. The project team collected an additional 1,000 bottles to help populate the dome. Half of the forty triangles making up the dome were filled with bottles giving KIBHS's PF a unique design compared to previous iterations. The dome was completed the day after school testing and celebrated with a pizza party.

PF at KIBHS was complemented by scientific and environmental educational programming, developed with change partner and science teacher, Beth Gordon. Students made their own art projects from the water bottles. In preparation before the dome's arrival to the classroom, students used Kinex to make dome inspired structures. Some interesting resources to explore that were included in the lessons were:
- How is Plastic Made? Video (2m 53sec)

KIBHS students ran Plastic Fantastic's twitter account for a couple of days.

The dome was on site at KIBHS from May 22nd to June 11th.

Upon conclusion of the visit, the students recycled the water bottles, participating in the entire PF project cycle. The take down party was never so fun as the one at KIBHS, where students punched the bottles out of the dome grid like popcorn, one student made a snow angel out of fallen water bottles, and the bagged bottles were tested as bean bag couches.