Plastic Fantastic is a 16 foot geodesic dome covered in over 6000 post-consumer water bottles and serves as the organizing structure for social relations. One may participate in the making of the dome and/or in one of the programmed events - an opening reception, a video shoot, an activist action, a public talk, and/or a sunset dance party.

As an immersive environment for play, play is of the utmost importance to Plastic Fantastic from the building of the dome to the events and alas the deconstruction. Underpinning Plastic Fantastic are concerns of basic human rights, access to clean water, the politics of water, environmental issues, recycling, self-care, and equity.

Plastic Fantastic creates possibility for social change through play, collectivity, community development and production. Through this process we improve our relationship with the everyday.

Plastic Fantastic


Plastic Fantastic's dome was fabricated based on instructions from Desert Domes

16' foot geodesic dome

For the original dome, 2007-2011:
Using a pipe cutter, I marked the lengths on the poles and cut them by hand
We ended up using a metal mallet to manually pound the ends of the poles flat.
Pete drilled the hole in all the ends. Then a jig was made clamping a piece of 2x4 wood with a dowl attached to it the distance we needed for the two different length poles.
No hydraulic pressed was used in the creation of this dome.

length A4.944’35 poles
length B4.372’30 poles

35 10' lengths of 1/2" conduit