Video is an important medium in my creative process. It serves a multitude of purposes. I use video to document the ephemeral life of Plastic Fantastic , my ongoing art project exploring play, water, and plastic. Video is a way to think, unscripted and document those thoughts (as opposed to writing), where often unexpected insights unfold about concerns within my studio practice. I am endlessly fascinated by the technology. Video proves to be a materialization of myself, work and surroundings while simultaneously becoming a dematerialization of that moment because of the medium. Through the video camera lens, I capture and isolate meaningful moments, including moments of play that allow me to escape from the every day. In doing so, video becomes a critical form of self-care I might not find in my worldview.

"Diedra Krieger makes videos about her relationship to the camera, and by proxy, everyone’s relationship to the camera. She takes on the role of the eye and the subject all at once, a sort of Cindy Sherman for video."
libby and roberta, the art blog

"Diedra Krieger’s faux-commercials in her “Plastic Fantastic” video series are just about perfect, short and seductive in a quirky, passive-aggressive way."
Roberta Fallon, Philadelphia Weekly